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Downpour Darwin Retreat

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you
        Isaiah 60:1


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There is more

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St Irenaeus

'Gods glory is man fully alive; and full life for man is the vision of God.'

Downpour is a 3 night/4 day retreat for families, youth and the young at heart.  Its intention is to create the time for ourselves and our families to build our relationship with the Lord allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us so that we may have full life in Christ and be enabled to glorify the Lord through our lives.

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What to expect

Four days of faith-filled fun with family and friends amidst a vibrant Christian community. There will be Sacraments, Seminars, Lectures, Night rallies, Youth ministry, Children's ministry, Meals, Classroom accommodation, Pastoral care, Sharing groups, Recreation time, Games, Music, Art and Fellowship.




The world offers you comfort. but you were not made for comfort. you were made for greatness!

     Pope Benedict xvi


“I enjoyed attending Downpour in 2021 because it gave me lots of time to pray and reflect, which is exactly what I needed at that time.  It was lovely being able to connect in genuine fellowship with other brothers and sisters in faith, reminding me I'm not alone on the journey."


"Downpour was an awesome experience where you got to meet so many great people and make great memories.  The talks and workshops as well as the adoration and prayer ministries gave me such a good opportunity to grow in my faith, so did the praise and worship, but I'm a little biased in that area..."


“Downpour had great music, interesting talks and small group interactions for young and old.  It provided the perfect recipe to enliven the faith and feed the soul - I would recommend it to everyone!.”


DAY 1 – THURSDAY - 28th September 9:30 - Check in - Front desk 10:30 - Introduction - Main Hall 11.10 - Small Groups - Various 12:00 -Mass - Main Hall 12:45 -Lunch - Dining Rm 2:00 -Seminars - Various 3.00 - Free Time - Various 5:30 -Dinner - Dining Rm 7:15 -Main Session: God’s Love - Main Hall 8.40 - Supper - Dining Rm 9.00 -Evening Prayer -Chapel 10:30 -Lights out - Dorms

DAY 2 – FRIDAY – 29th September 6:30 -Morning Prayer - Chapel 7:30 -Breakfast - Dining Rm 8:30 -Main Session: Salvation -Main Hall 10.00 -Morning Tea -Dining Rm 10:30 -Workshops -Various 11.45 -Mass - Main Hall 12:45 -Lunch - Dining Rm 1.30 -Sharing Groups -Various 2.00 -Seminars - Various 3.00 - Free Time Various 5:30 -Dinner - Dining Rm 7:15 -Main Session: Reconciliation -Main Hall 9.45 -Supper - Dining Rm 10.00 -Evening Prayer - Chapel 10:30 -Lights out -Dorms

DAY 3 – SATURDAY – 30th September 6:30 -Morning Prayer - Chapel 7:30 -Breakfast -Dining Rm 8:30 -Main Session: Commitment to Christ - Main Hall 10.00 -Morning Tea - Dining Rm 10:30 -Workshops -Various 11:45 -Mass -Main Hall 12:45 -Lunch - Dining Rm 1.30 -Sharing Groups - Various 2.00 -Seminars -Various 3.00 -Free Time -Various 5:30 -Dinner - Dining Rm 7:15 -Main Session: The Holy Spirit - Main Hall 9.45 -Supper - Dining Rm 10.00 -Evening Prayer- Chapel 10:30 -Lights out - Dorms

DAY 4 – SUNDAY – 1st October 7:00 -Morning Prayer - Chapel 8:00 -Breakfast / Pack up belongings-Dining Rm 9.00 -Main Session: Mission - Main Hall 10.15-Small Groups: Evaluation 10.30 -Morning Tea - Dining Rm 11.15 -Sunday Mass with Bishop - Main Hall 12.30 - Checkout - Main Hall


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